The Hexagon Cloak

As a birthday gift for my partner, I offered to make him a blanket. It was still early days in my crocheting and I wasn’t ready for anything too adventurous!  He said, great, but can it have a hood? And can it attach at the front? And can it be a cloak?

Step 1 :: Hexagon Style

He liked the afghan style patchwork blankets I picked out as inspiration, so I went with that design. I decided it would be more interesting to look at if I used granny hexagons instead of squares.

It took A LOT of trial and error getting the right shape, size and color combination. I used and tweaked the simple hexagon pattern from Lion Brand.  You’ll need to register for a free account if you want to try it.


Step 2 :: Planning the Shape

I used a slip stitch in backloops to stitch them together.


I found some sewing patterns that showed cloaks using a semi circle shape. I had to figure out how to make a semi circle with hexagons…Suddenly, the hexagons weren’t looking like such a great idea after all!

Here’s how it panned out:

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 16.25.00

Step 3 :: A Hood

I had no clue how to do a hood. I used one of his hoodies to figure out the right shape. After some trial and error, I realised the hexagons were just not going to cut it. I made some simple Granny Squares that were roughly the same size and style as the hexagons.

I slip stitched these together to make a rectangular shape which you can see in the photo below.


Step 4 :: Final Touches

I ended making some half hexagons so that the front of the cloak had a straight edge. I folded one of the finished hexagons in half and used that as a model for the pattern. I think they turned out well.

Finally, I made a hem of sc along the entire outer edge.

Step 5 :: Last Final Touch

There was a final request to make a cat’s eye clasp to attach the cloak. I tweaked the eye design here


Et voila!




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