Week 1 :: #newstichaday

I’m home on a little vacation and my mom got out a big box of yarn that hasn’t seen daylight since the 70’s. ¬†It’s colorful, vibrant and a little rough and smelly. Like clothes that have been boxed away for a few decades.¬†Basically, I’ve inherited a big box of practice yarn! Perfect for learning new stitches.

 And so began my #newstichaday challenge!

I learn and share a¬†new stitch every day. ¬†It’s a great way to learn and practice crochet skills. ¬†After a few weeks like this I’ll have a killer collection to refer back to when I’m starting a new project.

Sunday :: The Moss Stitch

A nice and gentle start to the week. I used the pattern on the Moogly Blog. It makes a nice texture and its very simple and repetitive.

The Moss Stitch or Granite Stitch

Monday :: The Arcade Stitch

I chose this one because it is so pretty. I love stitches that are a little mysterious and you can’t really tell how they are made. ¬†I found the pattern on Wool and the Gang.

The Arcade Stitch

The stitch itself wasn’t that complicated however the pattern is written in plain English so it is difficult to follow. You may be able to find the pattern written in ‘crochet code’ or I may decide to translate it at some point.

Tuesday :: The Diamond Stitch

Ok, this one is more intermediate. I used the pattern on Hopeful Honey. ¬†It’s a video tutorial which I find a little harder to follow. ¬† This makes a thick, comfy and elegant pattern that I will use to make a headband at some point.

The Diamond Stitch

I had to undo and redo rows many times with this one.¬†There are two things that weren’t entirely clear¬†straight away. Here are my two tips if you decide to try it:

  1. Skip a stitch when you make post.
  2. Make the first post in the 4th sc post from the one you just worked.

Wednesday :: The Cluster Stitch

After Tuesday’s challenge, I needed a breather! I also love making cluster stitches. Not sure why. ¬†So I chose this pattern from LeeLee Knits.

It’s pretty, relaxing. Great for learning the cluster stitch too.

The Cluster Stitch

Thursday :: The Primrose Stitch

I chose this one because it looked pretty and flowery. It turned out ok, but I will be looking for more flowery stitch soon. I used the pattern on New Stitch a Day.

The Primrose Stitch

If you try the pattern I linked to above, then I recommend leaving out the final dc in row 1.

Friday :: The Crocodile Stitch

I’ve seen this one before and I was really curious how to make these scales! I’ve seen some nice bags and scarves with this stitch. It’s a lot easier to do than it looks.

I used the pattern at Yarn Muse. ¬†I’d advise also watching the video. There were a few bits of info that were missing from the written pattern.

The Crocodile Stitch

Saturday :: The Shell Stitch

For the last stitch of the week, I chose the shell stitch. I love the wavy look and I used this same stitch on a little baby hat the same day.   I used the pattern on Consumer Crafts.

The Shell Stitch

One thought on “Week 1 :: #newstichaday

  1. I like the The Crocodile Stitch and The Cluster Stitch best…..wow so many. Can i have another cloak made with The Crocodile Stitch =]


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